Spider Pancakes!

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This morning we had some delicious spider pancakes.  Here they are… nothing fancy, but my kids loved them :)

Last night after tucking Charlie into bed she asked me, “Mom do we like webs?”  I said, “Yes, on Halloween we do.”  She then told me this in a spooky voice, “Well spiders live in webs and they bite people and little children, this night on Halloween!”  hahaha on man she is a funny child.  I decided I would make her spider pancakes this morning, she is so excited for Halloween, she can barely contain herself.  Fun times.

I just used a baby medicine syringe to make the legs.

Happy Halloween!

Nutty Lynn’s Crunchy Granola

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Quick and Easy Banana Pancakes

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I love banana pancakes, but I love them even more NOW.  Usually I quickly pull out my always tastie Krusteaz pancake mix, add a banana or two, and whip up some pancakes.  But the other day I was being a bit more adventurous and added to the 14-15 (pancake number on the back) Krusteaz mix.

I added:

3 rip bananas

1 1/2 tablespoon vanilla

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1/4 cup brown sugar

Mixed it all up and made me some yummy pancakes.  Peanut butter, warm syrup, and a big glass-o-milk.  I am set :)


Get cooking with your bad self!