Loosing Your Cookies- Prego Style

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To all my pregnant sistas out there who are sick as dogs, I say TO YOU, “IT WILL GET BETTER!”

You are laying in bed, near a bowl/toilet, or just feeling green and thinking “shut up lady…”




I had the babe! She was worth all the hard moments, hours, days, weeks, months :)  She is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for all your comments.  It makes my day to know that this MIGHT be helpful for those of you out there going through this same thing :)  Every time a new comment comes in I get so exctied!  I show my husband, sometimes I shed a little tear, and sometimes I do a happy dance.  Thanks for leaving me comments.  I love love love them.  You are amazing.

Much love!- Lynn

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WELL…..I have been building a baby in my belly! Yay! But, that building has sucked the life out of me.  So the projects I had started and wanted to share with you, got pushed in the garage and have not yet emerged.  :(  I LOVE to create and design, but I am on hold doing any projects at the moment.  I have to keep reminding myself that I am creating something even more special. :)

I’ve have been really sick this time around and am struggling to keep my head above water, so to speak.  So! I will be back soon helping you get crafty with your bad self and hopefully inspiring you with some fun ideas for your home.

Don’t give up on me! I love my blog followers and have much to share with you soon!

Santa’s Last Stand and the Disappearing Blog

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Last week was a bit of a crazefest at our house.  We run our own business and were trying to catch up from being on vacation for a week and getting out all our shipments for Christmas.  We were trying to create a nice Christmas for our kiddies getting last minute things, like a tree, a tree stand, and lights.   Yeah, we put that off a little too long…oops.  Who knew all the tree stands would be sold out everywhere the weekend before Christmas?! I didn’t even think about it.  So after going to Shopko, Target, and Lowes with no luck, I finally called Home Depot.  Why didn’t I just go there first?  They had 15 left.  So…it took about 6 hours to get one tree, one tree stand, and three boxes of color fading lights.  Ugh, Saturday gone.  I did find it a little amusing that the brand of the tree stand was called “Santa’s Last Stand” LOL, cute name.  And, for me that was almost true.  :) Made me smile.

Amidst all our getting ready for Christmas and business stuff we discovered that our family blog we have had for the past 4 years somehow got deleted.  I know that in the big scheme of things this is minor, but at the same time it is how I have journaled my life and my kids lives.  I was in disbelief for about an hour after my husband told me, then I broke down and cried a good cry.  I felt like someone threw my journal in the fire place and I had no say and no way to pull it out.  Super Bummed!

But, thankfully my husband is a tech smart guy and with the help of Google Cache, was able to recover a little more than half of our blog.  Google Cache is a storage type system that Google has, it takes a little snap shot of your blog or website about once a month.  Through this we were able to look at our pages month by month over 4 years and copy and past my posts into a Word document.  The blog is still gone, but at least we recovered a little of it.  I am not sure if I am going to continue that blog anymore.  I might just start journaling some other way.

(All that’s left are links like this thanks to Google Cache)


Could we have avoided this?  Maybe.  Make sure all you bloggers out there backup your blogs on a regular basis! We should have been doing this more.  I think we still would have lost our blog, but we might have had more of it saved out there in cyber land.

Anywho!  I plan on getting crafty with you this last week before Christmas so stay tuned!  I promise my posts will be more cheery 😉

Monday Mom Thoughts- IS THAT POOP?!!

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A while ago my mom cleaned out her attic and asked me if I wanted all my old barbies.   We went through the boxes of them laughing and walking down memory lane.  Charlie was with us and thought they were super cool, so we set a few aside to mail home.   Even though, I vowed years ago I would never let my kids play with barbies, oh well.   We took a few of the regular ones, we took a sea world one with a whale, then the Disney ones too.  Had to take those Disney ones too.   Charlie was in heaven.

Remember these guys?

You might be thinking, what does this have to do with poop?  Well one day after the box of barbies arrived in the mail I noticed something strange at the bottom of the stairs.

Could it be!??!! I stopped, stared, dreaded…. is that poop?  Did Beck take off his diaper and accidentally poop while I wasn’t watching? Oh man…. I grabbed some stuff to clean it up and walked down the stairs.  When I go a little closer I realized….

It was just Aladdin’s head.  Relief!!  Well, then where is his body?

Well, I didn’t find his body. But! I did however find Prince Eric’s

Standing buck NAKED on my mantel.  Nice Eric…. real nice.

I am starting to remember why I don’t need more toys running (naked) around my house.  Especially barbies… Oh well.  C’est la vie

Monday Mom Thoughts

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It should read, “Monday Mom Thoughts, or the lack there of.”  Yeah, especially for this post.

I was at my wits end with my kids the other day.  The young women at our church were putting on a free baby sitting night. I WAS SOOO EXCITED! I could hardly wait till nap time so I could shower and start feeling cute for my hot date.  But, then Devan called with bad news.  He had to go help with the young men’s activity at church…date night cancelled.

I was so bummed and felt even more crazy knowing I would not be getting that break I was sooo looking forward to.  Why shower, I was going no where…blah… man!… Now I was getting snappy with the kids and was not being the best mommy I could be.

Charlie even sang a song that seemed to sum up my day.  Her little ditty went something like this,  “I love my mom sooo much, even though she is mean to me.  mean mean mean to me, she is mean mean mean MEEEEAAANNN!”  She was very happy when she sang this song.  She does this a lot; where she expresses her thoughts of the day through song. But, the moment I heard it I turned around and my jaw dropped.  “I suck,” is all I could think.

I sat silently for a few moments then asked Charlie for a hug.  She so willing gave me one.  I love that girl, even when she sings truthful songs about me. lol.  We sat for a few minutes hugging.  A hug was just what I had needed ALL day. Silly mama, silly me.

Here is a picture from this bad day.  I was eating lunch when I got up to get some milk for Charlie and Beck.  I decided to pour myself a cup too.  I then sat down and Miss Charlie pointed out, “Mom, you have two cups of milk! That’s silly!”

I looked at my cup(s), she was right.  When did I pour the first one?  A few moments ago.  Some how in those 5 mins I decided that I was thirsty and needed a drink of milk. (which I already had but forgot about RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE)  Oh geez….

I grabbed some oreo’s and made it worth my while.  What a day.